Mastering a single song is fast and easy. So you get your professionally mastered audio online at a very reasonable price. This is an excellent solution for artists who only need one or two songs.

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Order for the mastering of a single song (45,- Euro)

  • Online/Digital Distribution
  • Compact Disc (CD)
  • Vinyl
  • Instrumental Master
  • Generating ISRC Codes
  • 24-bit / High Sample Rate Version of the digital master (mastered for iTunes / Bandcamp)
  • mp3 or m4a (AAC) Reference files that can be tagged with artwork and metadata
  • 48k WAV-Master optimised and formated for video-use
The price of only 45,- Euro includes:
  • DDP Authoring FREE
  • ISRC Encoding FREE
  • UNLIMITED Revisions FREE
The price does NOT include:
  • a physical Master-CD (only DDPi via WeTransfer)
  • Noisecancelling
  • No version with a high samplerate or mp3s
  • No 48k WAV Masters optimised and formated for video-use
First of all, take a good look at everything. If you agree that Studio-Tan’s mastering service is your best option, we will send you an invoice for the 40% deposit.
As soon as the deposit is received, we will discuss the dates that correspond to your schedule. The deposit is non-refundable.
Some time between receipt of your deposit and the first day of mastering you will need to send us the final stereo mix file. We have instructions to help you organize and label your files so that everything runs smoothly.
The remaining amount is to be paid between the last scheduled mastering day and delivery.

I hope this will answer most of your questions.
If not, please feel free to write us an eMail.


Preparing for mastering a single song

Make sure the mix does not have a peak limiter, maximizer, or any other sound processing on the master fader or stereo mix. The best end result is achieved by a mixing with enough headroom. Don’t worry if it’s not as loud as another mastered song you’re referring to. The final volume level will be adjusted during mastering.

  • If you or your mixer has mixed with a peak limiter or other volume processing, please send both versions with and without limiter for evaluation and reference.

  • Send the stereo mix at the same sample rate as your mix session. Do not convert the sample rate to another value that could affect the audio quality. For the binary depth, store at the highest possible bit rate. Regardless of the recorded bit depth (often 24 bits), set the bit depth of the mix/render/final bounce to 32-bit floating point. REAPER users also have an option for 64-bit floating point values. Logic Pro X users are always limited to 24-bit bounces. Most DAWs allow 32-bit rendering. This is because most DAWs process 32-bit (or more) floating point audio, so even if the recording setting is 24 bits, your mix occurs at a higher depth that should be maintained.

Further Information

In the “Further Information” field you can enter other songs that you would like to have referenced during mastering. Note down some aspects you want to address with sound, or if you want us to eliminate all noises before or after the song, for example.

  • If your song has unwanted noises at the beginning or end of the recording, such as recorders, guitar amplifiers, background noises, etc., please leave a few seconds of this disturbance at the beginning and/or end of the song. This enables detailed and transparent noise reduction. Please, because that’s important, just a few seconds of noise without music.

  • Please listen carefully to the mix file you submitted. Make sure that there are no errors or problems that can be solved before mastering. Sometimes a DAW or a plugin can create a playback/bounce/export error that is not present in the DAW during playback, but only in the bounce. Checking the quality of the mix helps ensure that mastering does not have to be repeated due to a problem with the original file.